Can I Reapply for a Job That Was Reposted?

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Reapply for a job

Can I Reapply for a Job That Was Reposted?

If you’ve been hunting for a job for a while, you may have seen employers repost old job openings. When you don’t know why a job has been reposted, it can be difficult to decide whether or not you should reapply.

A lot of people find the etiquette of job reposting to be confusing, but we’re here to help. If you have questions about reposted jobs, we have the answers you’re looking for.

Why do jobs get reposted?

Employers repost jobs for a number of reasons. In some cases, an employer might need to repost a position because a job offer fell through. If an employer has already gone through the interview process, and they don’t have a backup candidate to extend an offer to, they might have to start the job hunting process over from the beginning.

In other cases, an employer may choose to repost a job because they’re not satisfied with the applicant pool. This could happen because a job opening isn’t attracting much interest, or because the candidates that are applying for the job don’t have the right skillset. Employers might choose to re-write a job posting or share it in new places so that they can attract different applicants.

When should I reapply?

If you’ve taken steps to improve your resume since you applied for a position, you may want to try applying a second time – especially if you were never called in for an interview. A weak resume may have kept you from being considered for a position you’re qualified for.

You should also consider reapplying if you’ve acquired new skills or added to your work history since you originally applied. If you’ve taken on new responsibilities at work, or you’ve completed a new training program, you should update your resume to reflect that and reapply for the job.

Finally, you should consider reapplying if the job requirements have changed. Sometimes, an employer may change their requirements to attract more applicants. Compare the original job listing to the new one. Reapply if you think the employer would be more open to considering candidates like you.

When should I avoid reapplying?

If you interviewed for a job, and the employer passed on hiring you, you should not reapply unless the job requirements have changed. Even if you think you’re qualified for a job, the employer has already decided you’re not a good fit for the position. Reapplying would be a waste of their time and yours.

You should also avoid reapplying for jobs that you’re not qualified for. When employers post job listings, they’re searching for candidates that meet certain criteria. If you don’t have the qualifications, you won’t be considered for the position, even if the employer is struggling to find the right candidates for the job.

Lastly, you should check the job listing to see if it says that previous applicants will be considered. Sometimes, employers repost jobs because they want a wider pool of applicants to choose from. If the employer is already considering previous applicants, there’s no need to send them your resume for a second time.

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