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Become an employer of choice

An employer of choice attracts and retains world-class talent. Candidates go to great lengths to work for them because they’re the ultimate dream employer that helps them thrive professionally. Become an employer of choice with Staffing Proxy’s holistic, on-demand approach to your most important asset, your employees.

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Attract top talent

Instead of spending time and money searching for candidates, exceptional individuals come straight to you. You pick prospective employees from the best and the brightest.

Drive performance and passion

Employers of choice all have one thing in common, high-performance teams. When your workplace culture is healthy, creativity and productivity thrive.

Improve the patient experience

Patients and customers receive top-notch service when your teams are motivated and happy, resulting in repeat business and organic referrals.

Get back to growing your business

Let us manage your HR & Organizational Development so you can focus on what you do best–taking care of patients and growing your business.

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People Management

Access centralized HR assets, tools, and resources focused on your most important investment, your employees. Get answers to your everyday human resources challenges by contacting our experienced HR professionals.

Education and Training

Promote employee professional development and success by taking advantage of our online learning management system, containing training resources and tools to take your team to the next level.

Compliance and risk management

Avoid potential penalties and ensure compliance with our on-demand resource library and employee handbook builder. Review and access federal compliance overviews, employment law, hiring or termination forms, and benefits guidelines.

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We support you every step of the way

Becoming an employer of choice is a journey that requires thoughtful strategy, time, and resources. Most of all, it requires consistency. And we believe every employer has the potential of becoming an Employer of Choice. Our team at Staffing Proxy can help you get there.

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