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Connect with people who care

You're focused on providing the best possible healthcare for your patients, and we love that. However, this sometimes makes recruiting and HR feel like distractions. That's okay! Staffing Proxy excels at connecting employers with their ideal candidates, and we back that up with a suite of HR services.

Let us take on the burden of staffing so you can get back to taking care of your patients. Schedule an appointment to get started.

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Up your earning power

Leaving an essential position open can drastically reduce your overall revenue potential. Our streamlined, focused hiring process lets you fill those critical roles with urgency and accuracy.

Smart, effective listings

We help you create custom job listings that are accurate, detailed and gender-neutral. We can also provide an analysis of industry trends and compensation averages, creating offers that satisfy both you and your potential employees.

Precision matchmaking

We do in-depth personality and behavioral testing for every candidate we work with, so our candidates are as good in practice as they are on paper. We also verify education, employment history, professional references, and licensing.

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Explore untapped possibilities

We're equipped with the latest applicant technology, which gives us broad access to untapped candidate pools. We monitor databases of passive applications, and our AI tracking software helps use find talent in places that otherwise get overlooked.

Stay ahead of the curve

By having conversations with students about their future plans, we can approach ideal candidates at the most critical phase of their job hunt: before they graduate. This gives you a broader selection of talent to choose from to ensure you're matched with the right candidate.

Supporting your workforce

We offer an array of HR services that can help lift the burden of employee recruitment and retention. We'll help you:

  • Calculate employee costs and compare those against salary benchmarks and other key factors
  • Perform self-assessments so you can maintain a productive and healthy work environment
  • Conduct employee performance reviews
  • And much more!
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