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Build your dream team

You're focused on providing the best possible patient experience. This means you don't always have the time or resources to give recruiting the attention it needs. The Staffing Proxy team is here to provide the support system you need. We leverage our industry specific experience, extensive talent network, and exclusive recruiting tools to bring you the best candidates, all while keeping your company culture and values at the forefront.

We build connections between exceptional employers and the brightest minds in the industry. Schedule a call to get started.

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Your recruiting partner

Your company culture is unique, and you don't want to compromise it. Whether you prefer a flexible or fast and focused approach, we tailor the hiring process to your needs.

Smart, effective listings

We create custom job descriptions that are accurate, detailed and inclusive.

Precision matchmaking

We conduct in-detph personality and behavioral testing for every candidate we work with. We also verify education, employment history, professional references and licensing.

Personalized industry analysis

We analyze industry trends and compensation benchmarks to help you stay competitive while recruiting and retaining talent.

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Our approach

At Staffing Proxy, we are committed to providing personalized, industry-leading support to all of our partners. In fact, all our services are backed by our satisfaction guarantee.


No exclusivity for recruiting services.


Customizing job descriptions aligned with your values, culture and vision.


Conducting job title, salary and location benchmarking for every position.


Providing aptitude, skills evaluation, emotional intelligence, or personality assessments results on candidates.


Completing employment, education, background verifications, and drug screening.

What are the benefits of working with a recruiter?

Improving revenue potential

Leaving any position open directly impacts patient care and potential revenue. Our streamlined hiring process helps you find the right talent to fill your open roles with urgency and accuracy.

Exploring untapped possibilities

We are equipped with tools giving us exclusive access to untapped candidate pools. We monitor databases of passive applications, and our AI tracking software helps us find talent in places that otherwise get overlooked.

Staying ahead of the curve

We actively cultivate relationships with local colleges and universities to approach ideal candidates at the most critical phase of their job hunt before they graduate. This helps ensure you have access to an expansive and diverse selection of candidates.

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