Should I Continue Hiring During the Coronavirus Quarantine?

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Hiring during the Coronavirus pandemic

Should I Continue Hiring During the Coronavirus Quarantine?

With drastic measures in place to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has become an uncertain place. In these trying times, it can be quite difficult to proceed with business as usual. Many recruiters have asked us whether they should be hiring during this, or if they should have a hiring freeze and wait for this to blow over.

This is what we tell those recruiters: You should definitely continue hiring during the Coronavirus quarantine.

We’re aware that the outcome of this outbreak is still very much up in the air, and that it’s hard to predict how the world will look even a few weeks from now. The hiring process can take more than that, which means hiring new talent might feel a bit like tossing horseshoes while wearing a blindfold. Still, it’s vital that you carry on.

Amazon and Walmart have both announced ambitious hiring campaigns during the Coronavirus outbreak. When two of the most successful retailers in the world are hiring to fulfill COVID-19-related demands, it’s fair to say that you should be too.

Here are some reasons why:

You need to be prepared to fill important roles

If you currently have a gap in your team, that gap still needs to be filled regardless of the state of current events. On top of that, you need to be prepared for whatever additional gaps will emerge over the course of the next month or two due to unforeseen circumstances.

While you certainly don’t have access to a crystal ball that will show you the outcome of all of this, you should be savvy enough to know the critical functions of your team. Picture each of those functions being performed, then try to imagine how your team would carry on if any of them stopped. As you’re looking for fresh hires, you must keep this in mind. Find people who not only fill the gaps you have now, but the ones that might be open in the near future. Acting now will save you a multitude of headaches down the road.

Your services might be essential

If you work in healthcare, this should be obvious: People still need the services you offer. Healthcare workers are needed now more than ever, and to prevent talented individuals from becoming part of the solution would be more than bad business; it would be a national tragedy. Leaving critical gaps in your team means that people are no longer able to get the care they need.

And this isn’t just limited to healthcare. We can’t afford to lose our grocery stores, or the manufacturers of the technology that help us do our jobs. As you can see, there is a drastic need for people to step into new roles to fill the demands of a rapidly changing environment. As we mentioned earlier, major retailers are preemptively filling needs caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s safe to assume you should be following their lead.

More people are looking for work during Coronavirus quarantine

With the world in flux, people are getting used to the fact that stability is no longer a reality. We only need to scan current news headlines to see how this is being enacted on a societal level, but it’s also having a profound impact on a personal level, which hasn’t necessarily been a part of that conversation.

People are preparing for change, which means they’re more open to new opportunities than they’ve ever been. Not only does this mean you’ll have a broader pool of talent, it also means you have the chance to find that rare gem that would have never been available under normal circumstances. The perfect candidate might be available right now.

Today’s candidates might not be searching tomorrow

The previous point is a bit of a double-edged sword. It is incredibly likely – almost inevitable, in fact – that the candidates who are forced into action due to COVID-19 will no longer be seeking work when all of this shakes out. This means the time to act is now, not several weeks from now. Putting your hiring process on hold will only cause you to miss out on these valuable resources.

It’s time to reinvent your company

We keep reiterating this point, but it bears repeating once more: the world is changing, and we need to react to this change. That means that you’ll soon be solving problems that didn’t exist just a few weeks ago. With radical shifts in society, you’re going to need innovative problem solvers.

It’s tempting to think of this as a negative, but it’s not. This is a chance to reinvent your company – or even your industry. When all of this shakes out, the businesses and organizations that understand this will prevail while those who fail to do so will begin to fade into obscurity.

So what does that mean for you? It means you should be hiring people now who can help you through these tough times. You need fresh eyes – people who can see your business in ways that you might not have thought of, people who can help you grow out of your routine.

Employee demands have shifted

With many companies offering work-from-home time or paid leave, the expectations of the workforce are becoming greater. When all of this is over, companies are going to see a drastic migration of their talent pool towards jobs that offer flexibility.

This growing emphasis on flexibility is an opportunity for you to draw in fresh talent. There is a catch, though: you must be prepared to offer this flexibility. Offer remote opportunities and flexible hours, and you’ll be sure to attract the top talent that other companies are losing.

Your reputation matters

The world is watching how companies are reacting to the Coronavirus impact. The way your company or organization handles all of this will be a part of your identity for years to come. Will you rush to help those in need, or will your focus remain fixed on your bottom line?

Right now, companies who want to survive must focus on the needs of everyday human beings. People need work right now, and you must not be afraid to acknowledge this. Don’t exploit people; show them that you’re on their side. As we mentioned in the previous point, you need to prove that you’re willing to be flexible.

To put it another way: people need work, but they also need compassion and understanding. You can offer all these things at once, and in doing so you’ll be considered among the good guys. Failure to do so puts you in the company of villains. With the eyes of the world watching you, it’s vital that you do the right thing.

You can hire part-time or temporary employees

Too many companies fall into the trap of the 40-hour-per-week mindset. Quite often, work that falls outside of these parameters is not even considered. But if you’re trying to fill a small vacancy or even a temporary one, you need to start thinking about part-time or temporary work.

There are some huge benefits to this shift in thinking. You can supplement your full-time workforce with part-time employees. You can fill temporary or seasonal demands with temporary workers. If you offer the flexibility we talked about just a few paragraphs earlier, you have a good shot of attracting people who might not be able to commit to full-time work. Don’t let that talent go to waste; hire part-time workers who fit your most immediate needs. Those people might end up being your most valuable employees.


The world is shifting rapidly due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The best way to prepare is to keep your options open. Don’t go on a hiring freeze right now, because – to be quite frank – you can’t afford to.

If you’re looking to hire but feel completely overwhelmed right now, Staffing Proxy is here to help. Please reach out to us immediately if you have imminent hiring needs, and we’ll do our best to get you through this. The world might be confusing right now, but we’ve got your back.