The Best Tinnitus Devices on the Market Today

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Tinnitus devices

The Best Tinnitus Devices on the Market Today

Even though there’s no cure for tinnitus, it’s possible to ease symptoms with the right products.

The best tinnitus devices can provide relief and can help people with tinnitus to effectively manage their condition. There are many excellent products designed to treat tinnitus, including the devices listed below.

Signia Xperience Hearing Aids

Many patients develop tinnitus after experiencing hearing loss. These patients can get the relief they need from hearing aids like the ones produced by Signia. Signia produces hearing aids with tinnitus therapy features, such as ocean wave and static noise signals.

Hearing aids aren’t just able to help patients with hearing difficulties; they’re also able to increase the volume of external noise so that it effectively masks tinnitus sounds. Signia Xperience hearing aids are one of the top options for patients with tinnitus.

Conair Sound Therapy Pillow

While tinnitus can be manageable during the day when there’s a lot of outside noise, it can very difficult for patients with tinnitus to sleep at night. Sound therapy pillows, however, allow users to listen to relaxing sounds as they drift off to sleep at night.

This plush pillow offers six different sound settings. Alternatively, it can be connected to an MP3 player so that users can choose the sounds they want to play. The pillow is equipped with a built-in timer, meaning that sounds will automatically stop after the user has fallen asleep.

Starkey Livio Hearing Devices

The Starkey Livio line of hearing devices can be equipped with technology that is specifically designed to help patients with tinnitus. The devices provide sound stimulus that can be customized by a hearing aid dispenser or audiologist.

These devices can be fine-tuned to specifically meet the needs of a patient. They use patent-pending technology to provide all-day tinnitus relief. These devices can help mask ringing and other irritating sounds so that wearers can continue their normal day-to-day routines.

Avantek White Noise Sound Machine for Sleeping

This sound machine is small enough to be portable, but still provides all the functionality anyone would want in a sound machine. The machine offers 20 non-looping sound recordings that produce six different types of noise. From chirping birds to the sounds of running water, users can choose the kinds of sounds that will help them sleep at night.

The sound machine comes with both an AC adapter and a USB power cable, allowing it to be charged in a number of ways. It’s an ideal tinnitus device for people who travel frequently. Although the device is designed for sleeping, the low volume sounds it produces can also help tinnitus sufferers when they’re working or studying.

Amplisound Quell For Tinnitus

The Quell device from Amplisound is a broadband sound device that fits inside the ear. While its design is similar to a hearing aid, it’s specifically designed for tinnitus therapy. The device produces sounds that can help to mask or ease the symptoms of tinnitus.

Many patients with tinnitus respond positively to sound therapy, but don’t require amplification from a hearing aid. This device is designed for these patients. The device is virtually invisible and can be customized to meet the needs of a patient.

While tinnitus can’t be cured, it can be treated with the right products. The best tinnitus devices on the market are incredibly effective and can help people suffering from tinnitus to lead healthy and happy lives. If you’re looking for products that could help your patients, you’ll want to give these devices a closer look.