What Are the Requirements for Becoming an Audiologist in Minnesota?

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Audiology jobs in Minnesota

What Are the Requirements for Becoming an Audiologist in Minnesota?

If you’re looking to become an audiologist, you’ll want to check with your state licensing board to see what the requirements are in your specific state. However, if you’re in Minnesota, we’ve already looked into it for you!

Here are the requirements for becoming an audiologist in the State of Minnesota, as laid out by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA):

For starters, you’ll need several years of education. In some states, you’ll only need a master’s degree to become an audiologist, but in Minnesota, you’ll need a Doctor of Audiology (AuD) degree or its equivalent. You’ll also need clinical experience, and you’ll need to have passed the national exam in audiology. If you want to be licensed as a hearing aid dispenser, you’ll need additional licensure for that.

If you’re more interested in speech-language pathology, you’ll need a master’s degree (or its equivalent). If you already have a doctorate without a conferred master’s degree, you might need to submit a transcript to potential employers that shows you’ve completed coursework equivalent to the appropriate master’s degree. Just like in the audiologist requirements, you’ll need clinical experience and to have passed the national exam in audiology or speech-language pathology.

It takes a lot of tome and effort to become an audiologist, but it’s a highly rewarding career field. In fact, audiology is considered one of the least stressful jobs in the United States. It’s also a field that’s projected to keep growing.

If you’re just starting your journey to becoming an audiologist, we wish you the best of luck! We hope you found this information to be useful. If you’re already licensed and you’re looking for work, we can help you! Contact Staffing Proxy right away to learn more about audiology jobs in Minnesota.