Why Job Seekers Should Contact a Staffing Agency

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Contact a staffing agency

Why Job Seekers Should Contact a Staffing Agency

Anyone who’s been seriously job hunting within the past decade is likely familiar with staffing agencies. In fact, if your resume is posted online, there’s a good chance that you’ve been contacted by a recruiter who wanted to assist you in applying for a job.

Should you work through a staffing agency rather than seeking jobs on your own? There are several reasons we believe you should be working with a staffing agency.

Staffing agencies are well-connected

People often say that getting a job is about who you know. This isn’t just some dusty old proverb – there’s real data to back it up. LinkedIn performed a survey in 2015 and 2016 that asked people about how they got their most recent job. By their estimate, 85% of jobs are filled via networking. Clearly, making connections is an extremely important part of the job-hunting process.

Maybe you’re moving into a new field and you don’t know anyone in the field yet. Perhaps you’ve just moved to a new city or state. Or maybe you just graduated college and you simply don’t yet have any professional references. There are very good reasons that highly skilled people might not have the connections they need to get a job offer. This is where a staffing agency can help.

Staffing agencies, such as Staffing Proxy, make it their job to make and maintain these connections, and they are more than willing to share these connections with you. If you’re trying to get connected with people in your industry, you should talk to a staffing agency right away.

A staffing agency will help you narrow your options

When there are hundreds – or even thousands – of jobs in your area to comb through, it can be overwhelming to begin a job search at all. There are so many options, many of which you’re qualified for, so how do you narrow your search so that it’s manageable?

A staffing agency will work to compare your skills to a list of current job openings. When there’s a good match, they’ll contact you and encourage you to submit a resume. Don’t let job hunting become overwhelming – get help from a staffing agency as soon as you can.

Staffing agencies have more access to job postings

A lot of Fortune 500 companies hire exclusively through staffing agencies. That means that as an independent job seeker, you won’t even be able to apply for those jobs without working through a staffing agency. Oftentimes, these are highly desirable and well-paying jobs. If you want to be doing this sort of work, you really shouldn’t write off the staffing agency option.

Temporary work often leads to permanent employment

A lot of contracted work is temporary in nature, which oftentimes steers people away from it. However, this isn’t always the case. Many contract jobs are temp-to-hire, while in some cases a staffing agency will connect you with a permanent position.

That said, you shouldn’t write off temp work. A lot of temp positions end up becoming permanent roles. If you show skill and competence in a temporary position now, you might be setting yourself up for a full-time job down the road.

Experience is incredibly valuable

Even if you end up in a temporary position that will never become a full-time job, you’re still getting experience that will look great on your resume. Perhaps you keep getting overlooked for positions because you simply don’t have enough experience. Temporary work is a simple way to get around that. Plus, if you haven’t had a lot of opportunities to network with people in your field, a temporary gig might be the exact thing you need right now to make those valuable connections.

We understand that temp work isn’t for everyone, but we believe that far too often, people completely overlook the benefits of these experiences.